Shelby County Emergency
612 Court Street
Harlan, Iowa 51537
Robert Seivert, EMC
Remember, slow down and
move over when Emergency
Vehicles are on the roadway!
It's the Law
Call 712-755-2124
prior to ignition of any
controlled burns.
Fire Danger

April 12-18 is National 911 Telecommunicator Week.  This is the week we
like everyone  to spend a moment  thinking about the special people who
operate behind the scenes in taking emergency 911 calls and sending help
to our citizens.  You do not see them on the front page of newspapers. You
do not see them at pancake feeds, or ceremonies honoring fire
departments, and others who respond to accidents and emergency calls for
assistance.  These paid professionals spend their careers behind a radio
microphone, on a computer, in classrooms and training venues, preparing
themselves to be able to respond in the face of unimaginable situations.

What, in our lives, is a one time tragic event, is a daily occurrence in theirs.  
Every accident, every heart attack, every missing person is reported first to
911. It is the 911 dispatcher who must gather the information necessary to
send them the help so desperately needed. When everyone is panicked by
the scope and violence of a tragic event, they are able to function, bring
clarity and focus to the issues which can lead to a successful outcome.   
They are trained to calmly instruct you how to administer CPR, what to do if
you find yourself a victim of a criminal act, and how to access a vast list of
resources. Many of the resources are National in scope.  

In Shelby County, we have 11 of these special people.
They are outstanding in their profession.

Please take a minute this week and remember them. If you would like to
make a comment and thank them in a more personal way, Please do so in
the Comment Box here.
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